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Maeve Therapy aims at removing stigma around mental health and making therapy accessible for everyone.

Therapies starting at ₹500



It is the persevering inclination of sadness or loss of interest that can prompt a range of behavioural and physical manifestations like changes in sleep, appetite, energy level,etc.


Anxiety is characterized by sentiments of stress, nervousness or fear that are sufficiently able to meddle with one’s day by day exercises.

Career Counseling

It is a process that will assist you with knowing and get yourself and the universe of work so as to make professional, educational, and life choices.

Personal Counseling

It is when someone talks to the psychologist about their near or immediate future. It could include making major life decisions, major changes, etc inorder to help themselves understand where exactly their best interests lie.

Relationship counseling

Relationship treatment endeavors to improve sentimental connections and resolve relational clashes. It likewise helps if your relationship has quite recently fallen apart and you need to recover.

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Counselling focused on youngsters to assist them with figuring out their emotions, practices and contemplations and involves the utilization of remarkable procedures that draw out the expressive identity of your child.

Words from Our Clients


Maeve Therapy client

Age - 26

Maeve Therapy has been one of the easiest experiences that I’ve had with getting access to therapy. Everyone is really friendly and make you feel really welcome. Also their responses are always prompt and there is absolutely no judgement! This has been the fastest I’ve ever got help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking to go to therapy. 🙂


Maeve Therapy client

Age - 21

My experience has been great overall, my therapist Ms. Shreeya is extremely open-minded and non-judgmental, and it has been just 3 sessions but I always feel refreshed post-therapy, would definitely recommend especially at this time of COVID.

About Us

We are passionate and dedicated team determined to bring a change in the mental heathcare space in India. We are out to help you because we’ve been you.

Why Us

We understand this is new for you. We care about your peace and promise to be with you every step of the way. No question is silly for us. We’ll personally guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mental health professionals are trained during their practice to let go all their biases and accept the client’s perspective. In other words they are trained to be non-judgemental.

Anything you say to a mental health professional is protected by law under the Mental Health Act 2017 of India. In addition to this confidentiality is an important ethical practice. No information will be revealed unless it prove to be of harm to you or others.

With us you don’t have to worry about that. If you are confused we’ll find you a match.

You can take therapy whenever you want. You neither have to be diagnoised with an illness nor having a crisis to seek therapy. Book a session just to understand yourself!

You may need therapy if you just faced a major loss, a major lifetime change, just gave birth are not able to function as usual. You find no interest in things you loved or are facing abnormal sleep patterns.

In most sessions the professional tries to help you understand yourself, your behaviors, choices by asking you questions and suggesting some exercises. As a client you are opening up & rediscovering your self.

Seeing a mental health professional doesn’t create a dependency. In fact the job of a professional is not to make decisions for you but to make you independent enough to see all the available choices and make an informed decision.