2020 – A Blessing in Disguise

Posted by Japjeet Kaur on  January 1, 2021
Category: Covid-19
2020 was also a celebration in the beginning. It was loud and joyous as any other new year. Parties, music bands, drum beats, party poppers and what not! But this year wasn’t like any other year. Soon, the loud music notes began to fade and gradually the squeaks of the machineries and zoom of the wheels on roads also faded and were finally silent. As a result, the streets went totally silent.But this silence wasn’t Read More

What you need to know about Depression?

Posted by maevetherapy on  September 24, 2020
Category: Depression
Depression is a term we hear day in and day out. We’ve very conveniently made it a synonym of “sadness” “I feel depressed for having spent on such a boring movie” “Dhoni retired man! I’m going to be depressed for a while”. What you need to know, and it’s imperative that you do is that depression does not equal to sadness. Sadness is only one symptom.Depression is a clinical disorder that interferes with your life Read More

Judge(mental) Health of Indians

Posted by Aditi Sawant on  September 17, 2020
Category: Mental Health
As a teen, Rohan had endless questions in his mind which he was shy to ask his parents. Most of them were about sexual needs, relationships, menstruation, stereotypical behavior of men and women, expectations of society from an individual. But before Rohan could understand or process his curiosity and needs he was thrown into a rat-race. All he knew was he had to be academically good. Always. No matter what. There were times when he Read More

Psychological Effects of Quarantine

Posted by maevetherapy on  September 10, 2020
Category: Covid-19
Mental Health is the state of human mind. We live in a fast paced world where taking deep breaths is a luxury recommended to calm us from the constant hustle. Due to the coronavirus outbreak the world has come to a standstill. It has become essential to stay indoors disconnecting us from routine. As humans we find a sense of comfort in “certainty”. A routine helps to keep us sane. It also prevents our minds Read More

Rant of a Mental Health Advocate!

Posted by maevetherapy on  September 3, 2020
Category: Mental Health
No! You are not mad! No! You don’t need to be admitted to a Mental hospital if you’re diagnosed with an illness. No! You are not “different”! No! You don’t have to hide it or be ashamed! You are not weak because you are diagnosed with mental illness. Mental Health Professionals and advocates have strained their voices trying to educate people of one simple live-saving fact “VULNERABILITY IS A STRENGTH”. Speaking about your struggles to Read More

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