Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!

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Maeve Therapy is dedicated to providing affordable sessions by verified professionals because we believe "Therapy is not a luxury. It's an investment in Yourself!"

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Maeve Therapy has been one of the easiest experiences that I’ve had with getting access to therapy. Everyone is really friendly and make you feel really welcome. Also their responses are always prompt and there is absolutely no judgement! This has been the fastest I’ve ever got help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking to go to therapy. 

-Leah, 26

My experience has been great overall, my therapist Ms. Shreeya is extremely open-minded and non-judgmental, and it has been just 3 sessions but I always feel refreshed post-therapy, would definitely recommend especially at this time of COVID.

– Kanjan, 21

Maeve Therapy has helped me immensely. My world had turned upside down in the last year and Yesha helped me introspect and find out deep seated issues I’d never realised were festering in me.

Within the last few sessions, I’ve been able to introduce a healthier schedule, stop berating myself and live my life in a happier and more stable mindset than before!

-Anonymous (as per request)