Frequently Asked Questions

Mental health professionals are trained during their practice to let go all their biases and accept the client’s perspective. In other words they are trained to be non-judgemental.

Anything you say to a mental health professional is protected by law under the Mental Health Act 2017 of India. In addition to this confidentiality is an important ethical practice. No information will be revealed unless it prove to be of harm to you or others.

With us you don’t have to worry about that. If you are confused we’ll find you a match.

You can take therapy whenever you want. You neither have to be diagnoised with an illness nor having a crisis to seek therapy. Book a session just to understand yourself!

You may need therapy if you just faced a major loss, a major lifetime change, just gave birth are not able to function as usual. You find no interest in things you loved or are facing abnormal sleep patterns.

In most sessions the professional tries to help you understand yourself, your behaviors, choices by asking you questions and suggesting some exercises. As a client you are opening up & rediscovering your self.

Seeing a mental health professional doesn’t create a dependency. In fact the job of a professional is not to make decisions for you but to make you independent enough to see all the available choices and make an informed decision.

Duration of the therapy varies from person to person. Could be a few sessions or could also go on for a few years. As a client you can discontinue when you think you’re not benefiting anymore.

Yes, it is protected under the Mental Health Act 2017 of India provided its harmless to you and others.

While everyone seems to have the same problems every individuals level of tolerance is drastically different. Some are emotionally distant, some very sensitive and all of that is a part of being human.

Psychiatric Medications are not addictive and should never be taken without consulting a professional Psychiatrist.

No, we do not prescribe medications. In case you may need to see a psychiatrist we will recommend you to one.

It may or may not be. It all depends on how you feel. Compatibility is most important. You can always switch.