Natasha Ambre

Hi I am Natasha Ambre the 22 year old founder of Maeve Therapy. I am an Engineer who has always been highly passionate about spreading Mental Health awareness  because of my own confusing and troublesome Mental Health Journey as a result of the societal stigma!

I am a QPR Certified Gatekeeper for suicide prevention and the member of Global Youth Association for Kindness, an initiative by UNESCO.

With Maeve Therapy my main aim is to revolutionize the society by educating them of the common nature of Mental Health issues and the need to take professional help so that people like you and herself don’t suffer at the hands of ignorance.

I’ve brought for you affordable therapy in an attempt to change the concept of “Therapy is Expensive!” that prevails among us deterring us from asking help. I believe therapy is an “Investment” in yourself which gives the best form of returns — peace of mind.

Me and My team are passionately working towards the cause for quite some time now and have successfully created a small community of people who needed a safe, confidential space to express themselves. This is the beginning. We have great plans for the future!

The Mental Health space in India is about to change for the best!

Founder - Natasha Ambre

Mr. Punyabrata Sen

Mr. Punyabrata Sen is a Subject Matter Resource and Mentor, acknowledged nationally as well as internationally. He believes in using his expertise to serve and contribute making a difference for the youth.

He has mentored over 25 youth-led start-ups across domains and as part of this guided them on the usage of business tools to deliver, sustain and to understand risks and options and in developing business models, business plans and pitch decks. 

He has served as a member of the Jury panel of Entrepreneurship World Cup India Semi-Final 1 in September 2020. Currently he is engaged as Chief Mentor with T-Hub Hyderabad and as Mentor of Change-AIC AIM Niti Aayog associated with 4 Atal Incubation Centres across India.

Currently mentoring around 14 start-ups, including 3 start-ups led by women entrepreneurs. He has a vision to help young entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

His experience and guidance has helped us tremendously to navigate through any obstacles that come our way.