Falling prey to Negativity

So, lately, I’ve been hearing this saying a lot which goes like: “One should feel everything and then let it all go”. Well, finding it cool and new and trendy, I started to believe and practice the same notion. Hence, I opened the door of my heart and started to absorb all my
feelings… And by all, I mean ALL!

I started to feel every positive and negative emotion that came my way to neutralize all of the chaos in my life and then…

I fell prey to depression. I fell prey to negativity. I surrendered.

I successfully passed the challenge of “absorbing it all” but when it came to “let it all go”, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. All that negativity that I had been sucking in throughout had left no place in my body to breathe. I was so overwhelmed with all of it that I could never realize that I was bleeding negativity, I was breathing negativity.

Well, so here comes the topic of today’s blog: Falling prey to negativity.

The fact that I allowed negativity to come near me in the first place was the prime blunder, let alone the fact of absorbing it. And not to mention, before this, I was never known to the concept of “Negativity Bias”. And if you just said: “what the heck is that now?”, don’t worry, a
few minutes before we belonged to the same category. But now that I know, I am going to make things easier for you to understand.

So, negativity bias is basically an idea which states that: things of a more negative nature tend to have a greater impact on one’s mind when compared to positive things of the same intensity. There you go with the reason for your bend towards negativity. According to a study, it is proven that across a wide arrangement of psychological events, people are seen focusing more on the negative side when they attempt to connect to the world. Overthinkers, this one’s, especially for ya’ll: You think you are just being rational and are working on all prospects of the situation while what really happens is that you tend to focus more on the negative aspect and end up feeling anxious.

I wouldn’t say, it’s wrong of people to think about both sides of the coin. Because often it happens that we trade our problems with a reluctance to face them. And this is where everything starts messing up. We ignore, and it starts to get more and more toxic. A time
comes when it settles to the bottom of our subconscious mind and we lose the capability to even realise that something is wrong. And by the time, it comes to us, things have already taken a different turn and we stand there feeling helpless. The fact is that we are all scared.
Scared of what other people would think or say or react if we raise our voice against something, that we as a person, find offensive. But we never realise that we may have found an escape of that awkward situation at that point of time, for a temporary basis, but it’s permanent repercussions are yet to be faced. We grow our own insecurities, we let our mind self-doubt, we pave the way to “that shaky-wobbly version” of us in our own minds. We let negativity take control of our body all by ourselves and the fact that we blame society as an excuse makes it even worse. We don’t wanna agree that “we are bending towards negativity” and that “we are letting ourselves down”. Rather we play the ‘bully’ card. We play the ‘inhumanity’ card, which breaks the connect even more.

Is it so difficult to stand for your own body and provide it with the respect that it deserves? Is it so difficult to feel grateful for and protect that beautiful mind of yours which guides you towards light whenever you are juggling between that life-death ideas? Is it so tough to
appreciate the continued tolerance of that innocent heart and soul which never complain even when they are coughing negativity?

Honest opinion: It is not! It just requires that one-time adrenaline rush in the start to slap the bully in his/ her face and trust me on the respect that you are about to gain! Well, not just from others but from your own mind and heart as well.

Brutal opinion: You are coward and the most ungrateful person in this world! A person who puts his/her body to test throughout the lifetime and still does not appreciate or stand for it when it needs that support the most, then I don’t know what else do you term that person, if not coward.

Well, this was all about the people who belong to that outer circle of your life. But what about the one’s so close to you that you’d sacrifice anything for and still end up feeling toxic with them? It often happens when, even after making so many efforts to fix things or people,
situations just tend to worsen. Here, making it easier for you to figure your emotions out, I suggest walking away. It is because in such case, I believe that the person on the other side of that wall doesn’t want to hear or understand you in the first place. And the more you keep
on trying and tolerating, the more vulnerable you make your mind to toxicity and negativity. Now you must be thinking: Is it so easy to give up on somebody whom you love with all your heart?

I bet it is not. But people need to realise that sometimes letting go and living apart is the definition of love and most importantly, the need of the hour. Not always is this the case where both people in love end up being together. Sometimes, love means backing off. It
means to try hard but when there’s no more scope left, then just taking a U-turn. It means to take a break from that chaotic mess to find a meaningful escape to hold on to.

For people in search of peace of mind and seeking a meaning of their existence: Life is so much easy and fun if you see it closer. Mere hiding in that shell of under confidence and protecting your soul from this negative world won’t lead you to a happy, satisfying life. It
would rather make you feel weaker than you ever would. Instead of giving up on your life, try trusting yourself and believing that you’re strong. Because you’ve always been strong and you know that. Now it’s just time for the world to see this face of yours! Now it’s time for you
to step out of that little cocoon. It’s time for you to hold your head high in conviction, watch those birds touching infinite heights and get inspired, look at those bright flowers blooming to boost your morale and feel grateful, stare at that limitless sky who’s blessing you from every corner of its existence. 

Riya Aga

I’m a lifestyle blogger and content writer. My duty is to convert one's feelings and oral ideas to aesthetically beautiful words. I am open-minded and focused on new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and motivational, with proficiency in motivation and collaborative work. I enjoy brainstorming and coordinating efforts to achieve a common goal. I believe in working in an environment which encourages me to succeed and grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately.

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