Sleep Awareness Week

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), in 1998, launched a huge campaign that continues to be practiced every year till date. The campaign basically throws light on sleep health and provides knowledge to the public regarding prioritizing sleep to improve health and well-being. The campaign is called Sleep Awareness Week which every year is celebrated with a different theme altogether. This year the campaign started on 13 March 2021 and is supposed to end on 19 March 2021.

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” This amazing quote by Carrie Snow, a famous American Stand-Up Comic says it all. Every time we’re in a trouble and are wanting an escape, we all make sleep our best friend, don’t we?

Be it an escape from the ugly memories of the past, or an escape from our cruel present or even an escape from overthinking about our blurry future for that matter, sleep ALWAYS helps! For many people out there, sleep is a guilty pleasure but is it really? What is there to feel guilty about when all sleep does is to help increase one’s overall health and well-being? From improving one’s concentration power to reducing stress; from helping one with mood swings to lowering one’s risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease, sleep does it all!

Did you know that people with severe insomnia are seven times more likely to have work-related accidents than good sleepers? Yes, that’s a scientifically proven fact right there. Today’s generation is more about complicated lives, already predicted bad results and poor health. For kids in today’s era, it’s more like a trend or say “it’s cool” for them to stay awake till 4 am, go to sleep by 5 am and wake up at 1 pm. But least do they know about the harmful impacts of insufficient sleep or irregular sleeping patterns on their body. Have you noticed how kids of today’s generation are seen comparatively more irritated, suffering through increased stress, forgetfulness, difficulties with learning and low motivation? Lack of sleep plays a huge role in all this.

I understand that we all love a nice, long, undisturbed beauty sleep. And so, on this occasion of Sleep Awareness Week, let’s pledge to sleep on time. Let’s each promise our bodies a scheduled sleep which would start from 11 pm in the night to 6 am in the morning. Let’s provide our body with the amount of rest that it actually deserves. Let’s be a little gentler towards that confused brain and tired eyes. 

Let’s change, for the better. 

Riya Aga

I’m a lifestyle blogger and content writer. My duty is to convert one's feelings and oral ideas to aesthetically beautiful words. I am open-minded and focused on new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and motivational, with proficiency in motivation and collaborative work. I enjoy brainstorming and coordinating efforts to achieve a common goal. I believe in working in an environment which encourages me to succeed and grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately.

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