Why today is the best day of your life?

Because scrolling down the screen, you stopped to read this, from where you will begin to explore everything around you and then finally convincing you to say, “IT’S DEFINITELY THE BEST DAY.”

It’s actually the realization of that vibe, that makes you feel that good in the day. Observation is the first step towards this realization. The day we stop taking things for granted comes out to be the day when we start appreciating the simplest of things around us.

§  This morning, you saw another day and got another 1440 minutes, full of opportunities to transform your life the way you like.

§  You don’t have to struggle to breathe. You are blessed with this nature around you to breathe in pure air, giving you serene experiences that you’ll live for.

§  Another full day, you can spread your arms and embrace the positivity of this universe.

§  You have the potential to lift yourself up and make yourself happier. That spirit still lies in you, to use obstructions as ladders to climb up higher.

§  This universe needs your positive energy .YOU are a significant creature in the eco system–Biologically and MAGICALLY.

§  Your smile has made additions of happiness in many lives.

§  Once again, you inspired someone. Someone is back with new energy, just because of you .

§  You don’t have to struggle hard on cold foggy day to look for food in the dense forests. Isn’t that the best thing?

You cared for you and for others too.

There’s always something or someone you can look up to.

Make yourself feel that something beautiful and better, is waiting ahead.

And it’s not your Future, but the PRESENT–the best today.

Enjoy it, you won’t ever get to see this day in future and that’s special about it.


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