As we all know, the recent times have been a lot emotionally taxing, it has challenged us all and more than ever made us realise the importance of mental wellbeing as with physical. Though not everyone has mental health issues, everyone does have mental health, and it’s important that each one of us take care of theirs, whether they have a mental health illness/disorder or not.

We’ve got you some simple tips that can help you take care of your mental health
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1. Journalling.
“Journalling is Like Meditation on Paper ~ Robin Sharma”.
Journalling helps you to clear your thoughts and lightens your heart, thus helping you focus better on your day to day activities.

2. Proper Sleeping habits.
As young adults we are so in the rush to either overwork or slogging extra to do more that often we are left sleep deprived. Getting the right amount of sleep has miraculous results, as sleep not only relaxes your body, but also your mind rests.

3. Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
Having boundaries will help you to protect yourself from getting hurt.
Setting boundaries around those who harm / hurt your emotional wellbeing will save you from unnecessary damage / avoidable ones.

4. Having a proper diet.
Proper diet doesn’t mean having luscious meals. But simple things such as having minimum 3-4 litres of water, eating at regular intervals, eat nourishing food, avoiding your allergens, taking your medicines on time etc.

5. Walk in the Nature.
Being surrounded by nature is one of the easiest healing techniques. Having fresh pure air, soothes you internally, helping you calm your anxiety.

6. Speak Positively About yourself.
Just because you might have been messy at times, you don’t need to and never should speak negatively about yourself.
Tell yourself, you’re worthy of all that you desire. You’re far more mighty than what the pandemic has done.
You’re a 🌟

7. Disconnect from Social Media.
Extrovert or Introvert, we all need a break from certain things, and in the current gen, social media detox is a must, as it’s bound to create delusions because of it’s virtual nature.
No matter how much you use/need to use, take a break from social media when your mind / body / heart needs it.

8. Cultivate a Hobby.
For that matter, a hobby needn’t be anything artistic or skilled but anything that would simply bring you joy, a hobby isn’t an activity which forces happiness, a hobby is something where you do barely nothing (or in some cases a lot) but by doing it gives you peace, happiness, satisfaction.

None of it is a one day thing nor can we do all at once, but, we can little by little, one day at a time. Life is hectic and gets more stressful as we go adulting, So it’s important that we keep doing things that nourishes all of our being; physical, mental, emotional, just all. Even when we may not be able to do everything, we can try doing something.💪🏻💚💙

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