Writing- A stress buster

You are stressed. 

You got trust issues. 

But at the same time, you want to let it all out.

Now what to do?

Often, there are moments when we need someone to just listen to us. Neither give us any advice nor those ugly looks. Just hear us out. And when it comes to emotions and trust, humans have clearly outdated themselves. And that’s where we shift to pen and paper! As we all know, studies have proven that sharing pain with others does help in reducing the intensity of misery which in turn helps one to improve his/ her mental health. But, how about I tell you that now writing has also been considered one of people’s stress busters?

Did I just hear you asking ‘How’?

Well, a research was conducted by Pennebaker, Kiecolt-Glaser and Glaser, in 1988, where 50 healthy undergraduate students were asked to write about their scarring experiences in life or about any superficial topics for straight four days. Post six weeks of the writing assignments, students belonging the trauma group were seen reporting more positive moods and lesser illnesses than those writing about everyday experiences.

Often the usual reflex of people stuck in problems is ‘running away’. For a temporary basis one may find an escape in it but what about the permanent scars that it leaves on your mind? In the heat of the moment, people forget that if not today, then tomorrow the memory of the experience is going to haunt them. Then might as well ‘Face them’! It is important for one to feel the emotions behind the trauma and not keep his/ herself away from the pain of it. That doesn’t lead one anywhere. And what better idea than pouring it all down on a piece of paper which won’t ever complain or suggest or judge you for anything that you share with it? There is no doubt that it does take a lot of courage for one to show up with his/ her vulnerable side in this world but you can’t always hide too! In this world of 7 Billion people, you can never find a place alone to yourself and furthermore not a place where you can always keep yourself hidden.

Now there would be many people who’d probably be refraining themselves by thinking that “I am not that good at writing”. Buddy, there is no one out there that you need to show your writing to. Wasn’t this the main purpose behind writing all of it and rather not sharing it
verbally with some other person? Moreover, who cares about your on-point grammared feelings? Your ultimate goal of venting it all is solved right? So, who cares how aesthetically pleasing your pain is? It is easier for one to run away from the world for a long period of time
but what really kills a person is his/ her inner conscious. One or the other day you’d have to come to terms with the fact that something is wrong and that it needs to be fixed.

Reminder: People never care. They’ll just pretend to and will just remember you for some time. But your inner conscious would always roam around with you, eating you up from inside, till you are all hollow. Hence, while there’s still time, show up! Show up to your own
self and witness the tremendous change that you bring to yourself!

Riya Aga

I’m a lifestyle blogger and content writer. My duty is to convert one's feelings and oral ideas to aesthetically beautiful words. I am open-minded and focused on new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and motivational, with proficiency in motivation and collaborative work. I enjoy brainstorming and coordinating efforts to achieve a common goal. I believe in working in an environment which encourages me to succeed and grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately.

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